Rim Width to Tyre Chart

Rim width and tyre width are intimately linked measurements that affect the overall performance of a vehicle's tyres. The flexibility of tyre sidewalls allows a single tyre size to be mounted on a range of rim widths, ensuring that drivers have more options for customization.

It's important to note that each tyre size has an approved range of rim widths that it can be mounted on, while each rim size has a corresponding range of tyre widths that can be used. This means that the compatibility between a tyre and rim must be carefully considered to ensure proper fit and function.

To make it easier for drivers to determine the appropriate tyre
for their rim, this chart give you the knowledge on what tyre measurements are appropriate for your chosen wheels.

Example wheel measurement for picking tyres using the

Rim Size & Width: 20” x 9.5J

Using the left hand part of the chart rim width measurements
of 9.5J shows that a minimum tyre section of 255mm to a maximum 315mm can be used within its own parameter tyre profile which is represented at the top header.

Tyre measurements example based on the wheel measurements of
20”x9.5J: 295mm(tyre section)/50(tyre profile)/20(Rim size)= 295/50/20 tyre size.